Is it safe to stay on Airbnb?

One of the most important choices a traveler can make when planning their trip is deciding where to stay.

For a work trip you might prefer a hotel; for a personal trip you might prefer an Airbnb accommodation. 

According to studies published on the site:, in 2019, 41.1 million Americans will be staying through Airbnb.

What drives a person to choose an Airbnb accommodation?

Nowadays, tourists prefer to try new experiences and book their accommodation in a non-traditional manner, for instance not with a hotel, but online with Airbnb.

The prospective traveler may find a room, or even an entire property (apartment, house) on Airbnb, because the owners made it available on this site for this purpose.

Travelers can then search by specifications of price, size, location, and more.

And what advantages can an Airbnb provide?

For example, family travel is much more enjoyable, when everyone can gather in a room and talk about how the day went, as well as plan the next few days.

Being able to have meals, morning and evening to your own taste and schedule is also a convenience, and is more economical.

When traveling alone or just the couple, you can rent only one room and enjoy the conviviality of the family that lives there. This provides a cultural immersion.

And are there any drawback of staying on Airbnb?

You need to make an appointment with the owner or renter, who usually meets you when you arrive for a tour. If they don’t, they can leave their keys under the rug or at a local company and leave a note about what you need to know.

There will be no amenities unless they come with the building in which you are staying. This means that you will have to wash the sheets and towels if you wish. There will be no daily cleaning.

There will be no breakfast available. You will need to stock the refrigerator with all the meals you want to eat there.

You will be in a place where someone else (the owner or renter) has a key; therefore, there may be a security issue.

Are privacy and security impeding?

Also according to the website, mentioned above, despite the large amount of people that are satisfied with their Airbnb experience, there still remain those in the U.S. that do not want to use the company’s services. The most common reason for people not to use Airbnb were privacy/security concerns, according to a 2017 survey – with 36 percent of respondents expressing this fear.

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